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I. Dual Training Scholarship Program in Food and Beverage Services for the Tourism Industry (hotels and restaurants)

The Food and Beverage Services Program is a 24-month (2 years) diploma course in Food and Beverage Services for the hotel and restaurant industry aiming to uplift young women’s quality of life through education based on Christian ideals and gainful employment with livelihood skills, proper values, and good work ethics, thus enhancing their contribution to the country’s development efforts.


Why it is called a Dual Training Program

It employs the dual training systems, integrating theory and hands-on experience throughout the two years of the program duration by alternating in-school and on-the-job training in a pre-arranged partner hotel and restaurant. In-house supervisors and training coordinators are given an executive briefing and meet regularly with the school staff to guarantee consistency of training received.

Features of the Program
• Partnership with hotels and restaurants where the students are guaranteed to receive relevant quality training and opportunities for gainful employment.
• Holistic education, which provides the students with skills training, general culture and values formation.
• Personalized guidance and tutorial system catering to the individual needs and circumstances of the students.
• Spiritual formation for students is provided by the chaplaincy. Students are encouraged to receive spiritual direction from the School Chaplain. Catholic doctrine classes, Confession, Benedictions, Recollections, a closed yearly retreat amongst others are also organized for those who wish to avail of them.
• Quality facilities including one to one provisions for computer training.

Cost of Scholarship
• P5,000 / scholar / month or
• P60,000 / year or
• P120,000 / 2 years

The hotel / restaurant industry partners contribute one-half of the expenses. The school looks for donors for the balance.

Dual Training Curriculum
The students undergo the European-inspired dual training system, spending an aggregate of twelve months in school and twelve on-the-job training in cooperating hotels and restaurants.

The curriculum has three major components, carrying a total of 158 units distributed as follows:

A. Work Skills (102 units)
•Food Service & Preparation
•On-the-job Training
•Civic Welfare and Training Service (CWTS)

B. Work Attitudes (20 units)
•Values Education

C. Learning Skills / General Culture (36 units)
•Business Math
•Social Science
•Work Technology

TOTAL: 158 units

  • Benefits Enjoyed by Punlaan Scholars
    • Free tuition
    • Free provision of books and laboratory materials
    • Monthly stipend
  • Qualifications for Admission
    • Female
    • High School grade average of 80%
    • 5’2” in height
    • Single, physically and mentally fit
    • Family income of P12,000 for a family of four (4)

Students may apply from January to May. The program starts in June every year.
• Student population: around 120 scholars / year (1st and 2nd year)


II. Home Skills Training Program (for household helpers)

This ten month, modular, four hours weekly (1 p.m. to 5 p.m.) program includes the following:
• Table Setting and Service
• Cooking
• Housekeeping
• Conversational English
• Basic Sewing
• Values Education

The cost of the program is P1,500 / month, to be paid by the employer, inclusive of all ingredients for cooking classes.

Students may enroll from May to July. The program starts July of every year.